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We at Just Better Homes have professional electrical contractors that can provide for your Residential and Commercial services

Electrical Inspections

Out of sight out of mind? That's not always the case with electricity in your home. "Loose wires cause fires!" Let our trained professionals do a complete electrical evaluation of your home and make sure your family is safe and sound. Our Technicians will tests your breakers, GFCI's, and smoke detectors as well as all of your home's electrical safety needs.


Outlet & Switches

For us, safety should always comes first! That is why we reccomend that installing and changing switches and outlets shouldn't be done on your own especially if you are not familiar with electrcial components. To ensure all electrical properties are installed correctly and safely, trust Just Better Home technicians today! 


Whether its a standard fixture replacement or an LED retrofit upgrade we have you covered. From single fixtures to entire building upgrades Just Better Home Services' licensed electricians can find the right fit for you.


Ceiling Fans

Simple Fan replacement or new install, Just Better Home Services licensed electricians can install your fan or ours, Call (434) 987-5680 today to schedule your appointment or 

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Wear and tear is not something most people associate with electricity in the home, however all electricity in your home originates at your main panel/breaker box. Over time breakers heat up and cool down during normal usage and can cause the breakers to become weak and can also cause the internal components of the breaker panel to deteriorate. Let the expert electricians at Just Better Home Services evaluate your Main Panel box today!

Generator Standby

Power outages can be something of the past. With a "Whole Home" standby generator, our family never has to be left in the dark again. With the installation of a Generac, Briggs and Stratton, or Honeywell generator, your family will not have to deal with power outages.

Already have a generator? Trust our factory trained experts from Just Better Home Services for all your Generator maintenance needs.


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