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Heating and Air Conditioning

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Heating and Cooling Diagnostics and Repairs

Just Better Home Services offers Diagnostics and Repairs from skilled and trained HVAC technicians for any brand equipment. 


Our technicians are trained to handle:​

  • Gas Furnaces (Propane and Natural Gas)

  • Gas Boilers/Radiant Heat (Propane and Natural Gas)

  • Electric Furnaces 

  • Heat Pump Systems

  • Air Conditioning Systems



All Repair costs are Flat Rate pricing with no hidden expensive labor costs. 

Call us today at (434) 987 5680 to Schedule your $79 diagnostic appointment or 


Heat and Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Start Saving Money

Everyone has heard of Preventative Maintenance. Well, your heating and air conditioning should be on that list too. It is recommended to have your HVAC system(s) checked twice a year. 

Just Better Home Services offers HVAC tune-ups that consist of a routine inspection checkpoint/questionnaire that will allow our technicians to prevent any potential operational failures that may cause high energy bills or uncomfortable and unnecessary down time.

Call us today at (434) 987-5680 to Schedule a $69 HVAC Tune-Up or

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